• Internet of Things accelerator

    Living lab, knowhow, funding and network.

    Internet of Things

    “We’re at the dawn of the next technological revolution unlike anything we’ve seen before—the Third Wave of the internet— that will transform the economy and the way we live our lives.” The third wave, Steve Case

    Why Twente47?

    In Twente, there are several parties (both research groups and companies), initiatives and many technologies and applications in the areas of sensor data, data-collection, data-enrichment. At the same time topics like ownership, use and security of data are maturing fast in this region.


    However most of the available knowledge and technologies need extra steps to be ready for the market and many (societal) challenges need redefinition.

    This dynamics in the area of IoT in Twente made us decide to start Twente47. Twente47 matches demand and supply and accelerates IoT developments.

    Twente47 services

    Starting up innovative new business can be incredibly difficult. After all, it takes a lot more than a great idea and a pocket full of dreams in order to disrupt markets and generate success. Entrepreneurs and ideamakers need access to capital, mentoring and structural resources in order to prosper.


    Twente47 will provide innovative new business in IoT with networking opportunities, knowledge transfer, business development, project management, technology, mentoring, resources and access to shared equipment.

    Ambition Twente47

    The goal is to be the main IoT innovation hub in the East of Holland and attract the attention of all the players in the market and therefore be able to structure and organize innovative success in IoT.


    In doing so we will endorse local development and take a leading role on a national level to endorse the creation of jobs.

  • What We Do

    We help you develop your innovations and bring them to market.

    Connecting things

    Develop your product

    We have the infrastructure and knowhow in place to connect your things and do your pilot or test your solution or product.

    Connecting markets

    Develop your proposition

    Connecting things alone doesn't make a smart solution, it is how you position your product, how you process the data and how you solve potential customers problems.

    Connecting people

    Develop your network

    Working emerging markets is very dynamic and being succesful depends on resources and creativity. So having the right network in place is a very important asset.

  • Focus Points

    What we aim to accomplish

    Business Acceleration

    Providing facilities, network and support

    • Develop, test and evaluate innovations and models.
    • Facilitate cooperation and co-creation.



    Facilitate knowledge transfer through:

    • Webinars
    • Workshops
    • Courses
    • Presentations

    Regional embedding

    Regional branding and embedding:

    • UT/Saxion
    • Students
    • Government
    • SME's
    • Corporates
  • Founders

    Initiated by the University of Twente and Kennispark

    University of Twente

    Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and computer science (EWI)

    An initiative from the department Pervasive Systems led by Prof. dr. Paul Havinga in cooperation with dr. ir. Nirvana Meratnia and the inspiration behind many innovations and technologies.

    Kennispark Twente

    Business Development team UT, Saxion and RRD

    In cooperation with EWI and the Provincie Overijssel the Business Development team at Kennispark will develop and support all IoT accelaration within Twente47.

  • Partners

    Together with the founders they will provide for support and resources.


    Technology and development partner. www.terrateq.net


    Creative Business Development partner. www.briegel.nl


    Datascience and data development partner. www.datacadabra.nl

  • Team

    Our foundation is led by:

    Bsc. Peter Hoekstra


    Business developer and entrepeneur behind a large number of innovative startups

    Prof. Dr. Paul Havinga

    Vice President

    Head of Pervasive Systems at the UTwente and a very experienced innovator.

    Dr. Janine Swaak

    Business Development

    Very experienced business developer specialising in governmental cases.

    Ir. Thijs O. Elberink

    Program Management

    Experienced hydraulic engineer and program manager for all initiatives and innovations

    Dr. Ir. Nirvana Meratnia

    Technology Advisor

    Expert in the field of sensoring technology, networks and IoT applications.

    Dr. Roy Kolkman

    Business and IP Advisor

    Managing director Business Development team Kennispark Twente.

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